For Employers

Kenya labour laws are many and the risks associated with non-compliance are high.

Some of the challenges that employers face include: –

  • Knowing and interpreting the law;
  • Understanding their rights and obligations and those of employees;
  • Handling emerging issues such as data protection;
  • Ensuring synchrony across all employment documentation;
  • Legal support when handling sensitive matters such as separation, sexual harassment claims and organizational restructuring;
  • The need to train and sensitize HR teams and management on the labour laws.

Our expertise enables us to advise on:-

Legal audits and compliance checks

The purpose of an audit and compliance check is to identify risks and measure compliance so that preventive steps can be taken to close any gaps.

Employment contracts, manuals and policies

Employment contracts and HR documents form the foundation of the employment relationship. It is important that they are drafted to not only comply with the law but to cater to unique aspects of the organization and the job. The documents should protect the organization’s legal, commercial or other interests to the best extent possible; 

All matters that arise within the employment relationship

Every day different matters arise, from recruitment to performance management, terms and conditions of service, discipline, grievance handling and separation. You want to make sure that these matters are handled in the right way.

Immigration matters

Foreigners who wish to live, do business or work in Kenya can only do so lawfully with proper immigration documents

Updates on legislative developments

The labour laws are constantly being revised. You need to keep abreast of proposals for amendment and of actual amendments because ignorance of the law is no excuse! 

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